IRON IS HOT (Loha garam hai)

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IRON IS HOT ( Loha garam hai) Is a story of how people survive with India‘s fastest polluting� Sponge Iron Industry

This industry is relatively new. Staring with 3 plants in 1985, it has rapidly multiplied to 206 plants in 2005 and very soon the number will be 430, unofficial this figure is still higher.
These industries are mostly in Orissa , Chatisgarh , Jharkhand and W.Bengal and in small numbers in Goa, Maharastra and Karnataka.

The major problem is in the production process. While in the rest of the world it is manufactured using gas base plant which is cleaner and most resource efficient technology, In India 80% of the sponge iron is produce with coal base plants which is extremely polluting and are graded in �Red category� industry and can cause serious health hazards.

A 100 TPD plant produces 250 tones of garbage every day. No pollution control board keeps any account where this garbage is disposed. They are dumped near agriculture field, by the side of highway or at the bank of rivers which then ultimately flows in the stream.
The plants emit poisonous gas and heavy metals like cadmium, nickel, manganese which are harmful for human being.

Due to soil and water pollution agricultural activities within the 5 km radius of sponge iron plants is seriously effect and there is drastic reduction of the agricultural yield.

Cattle are eating the grasses and leaves cover with black dust get ill and die, and there is reduction in the milk production.

The film captures how governmental machinery is tilted towards the industry. The administration organizes �Public hearing� where although over wellbeing majority oppose the construction of the plant, the government report shows �people have agreed�.

There are some rays of hope. Peoples protest in Chouranga village near Raipur (Chhattisgarh ) has successfully stopped production in a plant, same is the story of Malampuzha sponge iron company in Palakad district of Kerala where a local panchayat objects and the Kerala government stood up with the panchayat Goa High Court in November 2006 passes stay order for some sponge iron plants.
The film documents the people effort to save their land and livelihood.
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